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According to a new study of 55 students in Chinese on breathing air pollution may make ho C pressure increases. This helps explain why the work continued exposure to air pollution linked to heart disease, stroke, urine Porn MILF sugar and reducing life.

Dr. Kimura Haidong, of Fudan University (Shanghai, China) and colleagues have taken into account the health effects of these special dust from the industry.
These particles can be trapped in the trachea and lungs.

When the dust concentration in the United States, there is increasing trend all over the world in recent years.

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Scientists study shows that testosterone levels, risk Chinese will only increase the pressure after 12 days exposure to dust pollution.

"This study adds more evidence that contact with air will affect our body, leading to high risk of cardiovascular," said Dr. Kimura.

"Our results show that the dust can affect the body in many ways than we know. So, understanding the importance of how to reduce dust pollution is more and more necessary".
The new study in the journal Circulation loading, 55 students living in Shanghai, as the average pollution level of a city compared to other city in Chinese.
The air filter installed by Dr Kimura and his colleagues, in a student dormitory, nine days. Some of the machine operation, no other.

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After 12 days, the filter will be deleted, and the researchers will conduct an experiment, nine days before the room will stop running the filter and the filter room, the machine does not work.

At each stage, the nine day, researchers have examined the molecular level in the blood and urine levels of patients exposed to dust pollution.


Their stress levels, Ho C students cortisone such as cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine increased with the degree of air pollution. This is the amino acid on the level of blood glucose, lipids and fatty acids.

In fact, air filter test has been to reduce dust 50% 53 mg / M2, from the air to the 24,3 mg / M2, but still higher than the standard 10 mg / M2 air who.
Dr. Robert D. Brook, University of Michigan, and co-author of the article published in the scientific journal Circulation said, these pressure stimulus reaction is characterized by a diversity of dust and pollution is more and more than before scientists knew.
"We are facing the risk of air pollution, is the responsibility of the time than in the development of clean energy, green transportation", written by Dr. Robert.

Waiting for a sustainable solution, Robert suggested that equipped with air filter, dust filter masks, to reduce the risk of cardiac death and in the desert areas of high risk patients, living in serious pollution.


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