The truth about men dancing bear every 7 seconds back again

You always hear a rumor seems "chunky": men think about "it" every 7 seconds! This figure is equivalent to 500 times per hour, and more than 8,000 times per day in approximately 16 hours they (temporarily for that while sleeping 8 hours, they can't think of anything)! Rumors are the result of research of the Kinsey Institute, United States of America.

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The truth really so terrible?

Do not yet have a good way to track the brain within several months to know exactly what they were and, more recently, researchers at Ohio State University has approached the subject of his research in a slightly different way. They aim to target groups 18-25 age, ask these people to count and record the number of times to think about "it", for food, and sleep.

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The result is: a the average man has a sexy thoughts every day 19-divided is just about the time they will think to 1.26; about food and sleep, they think of the order is about 18 and 11 times. Meanwhile, with an audience of women "that" less is more when only priority is thought to average about 10 times, and the food and sleep is 8.5 and 15 times a day.

The Kinsey Institute rightfully have done research on this problem, and found that men think about this rather more delicate (and more than many women), but "every 7 seconds" is a figure too exaggerated and pathetic. Find about the truth of the incident, when researchers at the Kinsey asked the audience of men and women about the level, frequency of thought about "it", 54% of men said they thought several times during the day, 43% said that several times a week, or only a few times a month, and 4% said less than 1 time per month. And in the male, 19% of the women answered that they think every day or several times a day, 67% responded that a few times a week or a few times a month, and 14 percent said there are even, they don't think anything about it.

Note that this study was conducted with men and women of many different ages, including a number of elderly people, there is also no clear stories think "every day" and "several times a day", while the two concepts can be quite far apart. And that's not to mention the accuracy of the estimate frequency when asked to recall, though respondents want to or not.

As such, the mind of man, as well as most of mankind in General, not obsessed about sex as I still think. Probably yes, because this life is also a lot of other interesting things, things to do still have to do daily and will won't be able complete if famous people for every 7 seconds is Greenwich mean time nhãng once!

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