The tragedy of the midnight holding eating creampie sick husband, cried the water can not get through.

Born daughters married as put themselves in a gamble. If taken to brute and patriarchal husband is determined lost from the start. The case of Asia is so!

The new date used, see Hoan Chau is also the man thinking, cultivate business press, have a stable job. But when in one house and then or, Complete domineering that scary. All the big baby in the house, Chau must bear all. Completing just go to work, every month a little put on for her living expenses.

Chau parental moderate, moderate serving both his parents from meals, laundry, cleaning. Yet people still prefer in-house scrutiny, imposed qualify. Just sauna or steam rice paste is a little short Nguyet mother had Porn Korea glared at length: "Cook the rice cooker only and not to themselves." Chau always have just picks me just eating, eating are pieces have hurry to children in cribs to go wash the dishes ...

Sometimes I think, my life is no different in a quagmire are unable to escape. Especially when her husband slapped hands straight on the cheek without mercy. New married for 2 years but Zhou was completed more than a dozen times hit. Just as many say touched the husband is slapped as "mixed". Whatever you say out loud to her husband slapped well as "lies". Or whenever urgent responsible husband go early, late, not interested in children is also being slapped for daring to "require more" ... 

Complete hate being who disturb sleep. Britain feared that selfish, heard the baby cry or other chatter sounding track it is shouted um sum. Even the night as Finish up crying awoke, he began to rumble up the bag to throw at the wall to scare bad children or children up steep when you're crying a brutal way.

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Chau look human, injured, ran to hug me, they shall be completed in the face shouting: "Looks for kindness to me while sleeping!". Mother and daughter only knew cringed unknown at an angle, Zhou sought to reassure the child, child to his chest pressed the desire to soothe baby to sleep. Tears rolled down much of Asia every night like that. 

That although there is daytime, must also wiped away her tears, snot because how many body bags phen. She feels lonely to infinity without knowing how to get out of both. Parents despise her husband, her husband does not love what wife, also spurned the more that I did not know what to cling to life.

Was the husband's brother, was 25 years old but at home all day hike, not religious business press. Brother husband have breakfast also ran into the couple's room Chau as the place is not people, open drawers for clothes stand out even without saying a European match sentence caused her to want to go crazy.

Married close to home but Chau on injured parents should not dare complain at all, alone suffer like. Because she was afraid of what they bring both languages with neighbors. 

in this way, Zhou had silenced serve as a servant in the department for fear of divorce, the child will suffer, her parents will bring hours.

Remember today, children with diarrhea, has always slept just leak out pants. Chau was busy sitting hug me because I'm asleep, I woke up with fear by collecting household Complete pants and little water to wash the child's room. But do not know how, Hoan carrying water pots on his life both on the bed, as if to pour out onto the Asian people. Chau just cried, trying to translate the aside to avoid getting yourself wet and clean up everything. 

Because suffer babysitting nights, hard work day, noon nor sleep, the implementation of the child but do so only after 2 years of marriage that Chau skinnier. From a girl weighing just over 45kg 38kg this World anymore, ragged and emaciated to the point when every day is difficult to accept the date to buckling under how much pressure.

Sometimes I think, gamble your life know obviously lost, but did not know how to draw from it all. Whether accidentally stumbled entered then keep on to pumps in the quagmire like this or not?

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