Have a fever bleeding, do not do this thing, if Jav Free you don't want to lose your life

The appointment of infusion, how many messages according to the routine blood test results, even if the patient weighs a few hours test 1 times. When the doctor can let a patient in the stop stage, improve the infusion time.
The third stage is the Jav AV re absorption stage (usually in later stage increased by approximately 24 - 48 hours) translation has left heart vein in the second stage, now re absorption of blood vessels, increase the volume of the heart. This stage should limit the infusion, even with a diuretic to pull the translation to avoid overload risk, which may lead to circuit level translation for pulmonary edema, heart failure.


In a word, the law must be viral hemorrhagic fever disease in the development of transmission service understanding, training and guidance, issued by the diagnosis and treatment of viral hemorrhagic fever with the correct dengue Ministry of health.
People and medical staff to avoid transfusion at designated parking lot.

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In addition, when have a fever stage of leukemia patients with hemorrhage, blood, reduce, reduce resistance, make safe transfusion facilities must ensure transfusion good health work is sterile. Therefore, how to ensure the safety of transfusion, no ears, no allergic reactions, shock, infection, and electrolyte disorders of the brain, is not everyone can control.

Therefore, there must be sufficient facilities and emergency vehicle accident sign document processing your timely infusion may occur.

According to the Ministry of health statistics, so far, the country has 80.555 cases suffering from viral hemorrhagic fever, 22 cases of death.
At present, the hospital in Hanoi and tp.hcm in febrile patients with overload bleeding. So, many people do not go to the hospital transfusion, at home.


The warning, the infusion of free will, Ruan intermediate doctor, director of the emergency department of the hospital, the central tropical bleeding transfusion, have a fever is very complex, unlike ordinary infusion in have a fever.
Bleeding in the complex febrile transfusion infusion, unlike ordinary have a fever.
Ruan intermediate doctor explained, bleeding and fever, the first day, in the third stage of the patients with high fever, aches, poor diet, lack of body water. Water is the ideal compensation measures, from food and drink. However, if the patient is too tired, nausea, anorexia, so no make up with sugar to eat, can be translated. Pay attention to choose a good translation to the equilibrium concentration of sodium in the blood, to avoid a serious state of low sodium, in the exit stage of translation
In the stage of development (usually with a heavy disease fourth - 7) have increased vascular permeability state into a translation from the heart vein, causing blood concentration, low volume cycle.


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