65% of men suffer from gonorrhea amateur orgasm because of sexual massage

At first, a spa, and a female employee to massage. The first three minutes of a few serious, she called love, massage back and his penis, hands and mouth".
To say from the chronic disease

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Is a specially treated with "hard" bv skin tw Runiran, a doctor or patient: "there are a lot of very many people, different age, men and women have everyone with their stories, but are in the same state of anxiety in many cases, the skin doctor, but worry. I still want to include psychological doctor, because not everyone share them so well."
Holland doctor recalls: "last year, a young man came to me to see him cry, cry pie pie said with urination pain, pus yellow, red itchy rash of innocence is shown to ask more? I just found out I just ask how your sex life, he said that only one friend was invited to massage to relax. At first, a spa, and a female employee to massage. A few minutes later, I began to seriously, she is called love, massage back, shoulder, neck, his penis head, hands and mouth.

In the next 30 minutes, he felt tired, but the pleasure. After that, your brain is considered very exciting feeling, can concentrate on work. The abnormal signs in see health, without telling his family to go to the hospital to see him."
"Young man, young age, maybe my son, but he is about the knowledge of physiology and psychology. He said that if I cry, I found that only the death of water. When I found that he had sexually transmitted disease symptoms. Luckily he found the doctor's time, but I spent a lot of time to explain his understanding of the spirit of Holland, "dr..
Because men have gonorrhea incubation 65% massage


Examples of image
If you in the youth is a typical example, in many cases, doctors direct communication. The doctor said: "a lot of times, the consequences of the average daily massage incubation examination and treatment from 7 to 10 cases left many patients found that back and forth several times, I asked how to affect those places? Most of them are the answer is because it is difficult to resist, and sometimes they want to truly desire".
Or like a different situation in Holland, the doctor said: "a young girl came to me, love is to see a lot in gonorrhea of the throat asked me to explain the girl, but the girl is very normal, just ask me for. For this girl, if incubation of man's mouth can also infect each other, if there is no security protection measures".
Many patients find doctors in Holland, there are many different degrees of the same, the relationship with many different types of. According to the Holland doctor confirmed, lightly with other hands or body parts to stimulate customers to massage with your mouth and severity.


All of this type of massage, massage or incubation between distance and female extended meanings are not safe the prostitute is a type of very close, especially the massage to stimulate the flood of like today.
LAN exchange of reporters, the doctor explained more about a lot of people wrong now "massage, acupoint massage, massage massage can according to different. From the folk folk nature, according to the point of neither painful nor itching, rubbing medicine, because it is a traditional medicine, is required to have a certain amount of research, first.
There are massage is from the nature of the loan, its country of origin. After a period of development, with many museum, service center, "any music dance", they even open the bi


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