Weak beat U20 Senegal, Mexico U20 confrontation amateur orgy U20 England in the quarterfinals


Win 1-0 against U20 Senegal, U20 Mexico against U20 England in the 2017 U20 World Cup quarterfinals.

U20 Senegal are a better team than Mexico U20 in the match in the round of 1/8. Thanks to its superior physical strength, the African representatives played close and pressed the Mexican U20, forcing the team to step back deep into the home.

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6 minutes, U20 Senegal attack phase is quite good, but the team's striker from Africa in a favorable position, did not beat goalkeeper Abraham Romero U20 Mexico.

U20 Senegal (blue shirt) enter very good ahead of Mexico U20 (Photo: FIFA).
Four minutes after the first U20 Senegal had the first chance, the Mexico U20 responded. From a free kick, U20 Mexico hit the Jav Rape ball hard, but missed the narrow field goal.

After the U20 Senegal players dominate, from 20 minutes on, U20 Mexico began to regain the game. The minutes of Paulo Yrizar's effort was unforgiving, but unfortunately his shot was not brought back to goal. End of the first half, the score was 0-0.

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In the second half, the U20s Mexico made the squad high and put pressure on the U20 side of Senegal. Eduardo Aguirre faces the goalkeeper of U20 Senegal in the 46th minute, but he can not finish it.

By the 48th minute, U20 Mexico held a dangerous attack, the ball was thrown into the middle range for Paulo Yrizar, but the player again slipped, although he is in a very favorable position.

On the 51st, Eduardo Aguirre continued to be given a fantastic opportunity to face Mouhamed Mbaye, but again,


Making the game overwhelming, U20 Mexico is played more than people from the 72nd minute, when Alioune Gueye the second yellow card left the field. This helped the U20 Mexico compete completely against the U20 Senegal.

The U20 Mexico Jav Anal players celebrated the opening goal and also the only goal of the game (Photo: FIFA).
However, it was not until the 89th minute that U20 Mexico won the opening goal by Ronaldo Cisneros (81 minutes into the game). Around the end of the match, U20 Senegal up the attack, to get rid of, but failed.

Final, U20 Mexico 1-0 win over U20 Senegal to win tickets to the 2017 U20 World Cup . U20 Mexico's opponents in the quarter-finals were U20 England, who beat U20 Costa Rica 2-1 in the afternoon (31/5).


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