Transfer MU: Breaking hopes amateur porn of buying Griezmann, keep De Gea

Hoping to own United striker Antoine Griezmann has officially broken.

Atletico Madrid is banned from transfer, MU hope with Griezmann

The bad news has been with Manchester United, that Atletico Madrid has been officially banned from transferring from the summer of 2017 until 2018, and that every sale will not be able to take place (or rather can take place AV School but Players will not be registered.

Antoine Griezmann will not be able to leave Atletico because the club is banned for transfer for a year

Similar to Barcelona's case in 2014, Atletico Madrid along with Real Madrid have been investigated for illegally recruiting teenager players for training, and the verdict was issued in summer 2016. However, Atletico has appealed to FIFA to suspend the suspended sentence and therefore still buy players in the summer of 2016.

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But in the end "Los Rojiblancos" has failed to complain. While Real Madrid are only forbidden for a transfer, Atletico Madrid will be Jav Beautiful banned from the summer of 2017, through the January transfer window, and will only be available for purchase in June 2018. The verdict will make Atletico Madrid unable to register for the player he bought in 2017/18, and vice versa, the other clubs could not sign up for the player from Atletico.

In simple terms, MU will not be able to buy Antoine Griezmann, or they will not be registered for the 2017/18 season. But with only one year left to go to the World Cup, and yet at the age of 26, Griezmann will not be able to Jav Creampie go to Manchester United for just one year. Hopefully the French striker of the Reds will have to rest for at least another year.

"Real Madrid did not ask for David De Gea"

Although the rumors of Manchester United's refusal of bids to buy David De Gea from Real Madrid has been posted recently, but recently there is a source confirmed that De Gea will not go anywhere, Simply because Real did not ask to buy.

Reporter Simon Stone, a close relative of many working at Manchester United, confirmed on his personal Twitter account that Real Madrid was right about De Gea's future but has not set a price yet. Ask to buy even once.

Nick Stone said Real Madrid's concern was for the Champions League final against Juventus this weekend. If asked to buy De Gea, they will also have to spend the summer, but the fact that many members of the Real, from coach Zinedine Zidane to captain Sergio Ramos, expressed support with the goalkeeper Keylor Navas main catch.

While Real has not identified the problem goalkeeper, MU now has nothing to worry about the future of De Gea.

Lindelof on £ 35m loan?

Record in Portugal recently reported that Benfica midfielder Victor Lindelof will soon reach Manchester United for £ 35m, under which MU will pay 30 million and the remaining £ 5m will be paid when Lindelof reaches the full target. Releases in the deal.

The news came just days after Portuguese media reported that Benfica president Luis Filipe Vieira had arrived in England, perhaps to negotiate a move for Lindelof and defender Nelson Semedo. The two players are expected to be able to redeem Benfica for up to £ 83m in transfer fees.

Mourinho plans to sell Martial

The Sun and 101 Great Goals reported, the French striker is on the list of liquidation of Manchester in the summer of 2017.

The reason is that, "Reds" need to reduce the number of troops on the line if you recruited quality contracts such as Griezmann or Perisic, who competed in the same position with Martial.

In fact, last season Martial was not coached by Mouriho. He made 42 appearances and scored 8 goals.

Lukaku is definitely gone

That is the affirmation of Super Stork Mino Raiola and also the representative of the Everton striker Lukaku .

Everton have agreed to let the Belgian striker go, but he wants to get a reasonable amount of money for the player who scored 24 goals in the Premier League last season.

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