Conspiracy theory: FIFA bored milf boobs Ronaldo & Messi, want Buffon won QBV

After nearly 10 years of being haunted by Messi - Ronaldo, FIFA are keen to "flip" to Gianluigi Buffon to win the 2017 Golden Ball.

Champions League "decisive" the Porn Tube yellow ball

Atletico Madrid's Griezmann not long ago commented: "Juventus will win the Champions League , so Buffon won the Golden Ball." In the opposite direction, Zidane gives a surprisingly unconventional attitude: "I'm sure everyone is thinking like me. They will want to own the Golden Ball (Ronaldo). "

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Massimiliano Allegri of Juventus is confident. "I think Buffon deserves the Golden Ball, no matter what happens this year."

Buffon and Ronaldo to win the Golden Ball

The heated debate over the owner of the 2017 Golden Ball has yet to stop, even when Lionel Messi almost gave up. However, instead another race is extremely harsh.

Coming soon, Real Madrid and Juventus will play in the Champions League final . There, each team will need an "unlocker" to the Jav Gangbang door of heaven. No one else, it was striker Cristiano Ronaldo and goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon.

Two stars set great determination to help the team win the championship. But with fans, can understand this is the decisive decisive Golden Ball between Ronaldo and Buffon. Even Marca has titled "The Winner Take It All."

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With Ronaldo, after joining Real Madrid in the La Liga, he was filled with the opportunity to help the "White Vultures" defend the Champions League title by scoring eight goals in the quarterfinals and the semi-finals and becoming the top player. He scored 100 goals in the Champions League and in the European Cup.

With Buffon, along with the Serie A and the Cup, the opportunity to win his first ever Champions League title is greater than ever. Especially when the 39-year-old has set up a myriad of record highs this season as topped 100 in C1 and is the first goalkeeper to hold a record keeping 60 clean sheets in the league. .

FIFA makes it difficult for Ronaldo, flag to Buffon

Obviously, both Buffon and Ronaldo have "steel evidence" to prove themselves capable of winning the "Golden Ball.

So, to choose the most worthy employer, there is only one way to wait for the final whistle to finish in the Millennium Stadium. If Real won the final, Ronaldo would be 99% more likely to win the Golden Ball. Buffon, on the Jav Massage other hand, will have a great chance of becoming the second goalkeeper in history after Lev Yashin won the title in 1963.

With FIFA, they are keen on Buffon to change their history. For the past nine years, Ronaldo and Messi have won the Golden Ball. The boredom of course is clear. Therefore, the latest moves by FIFA show that they are forced to act to find the owner of the new "The Best" (precursor to the Golden Ball).

Accordingly, starting this year, this noble personal title will be calculated according to the current season, not the current calendar year, so Gala award ceremony will be conducted around the end of October. Has revolved around the Ronaldo-Messi race, but now Messi has drowned, FIFA would have wanted Buffon to win the prize to make the audience pay more attention to the results of the Gala, and television ratings will come with Income from advertising and sponsorship.

It should be added that the true Golden Ball award is no longer available from FIFA and returned to France Football magazine, and this magazine presented Ronaldo the end of 2016 with a trumpetless drumming style as FIFA conferred. solution.

France Football's Golden Ball is still valid because it is a much older award, but FIFA wants to win "The Best" and it's heavy and the Oscar-winning Gala Assembly for them to achieve that. They had to make the Gala a bit dramatic to draw public attention.

This means that Ronaldo wants to win these two honors in the same year, all the Champions League, if not sure if the flag will go to Buffon, FIFA would have wanted. At the moment, the 39-year-old goalkeeper is supported by a lot of professionals and coaches who have won 20 years of top flight and tireless dedication.

Since his debut in the prestigious arena on September 17, 1997, Buffon has Jav Uncensored done his best and can say that this is a great opportunity to help him realize his dream. . If there is the Champions League and the title "The Best", it will probably be a beautiful ending for the old age "goalkeeper".

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